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Divorce Without Minor Children
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Our Divorce Packages provide everything needed for your divorce. We help you every step of the way, step-by-step, keeping track of when paperwork needs to be filed, and we file it for you, so that your case will NOT get dismissed by the courts. In other words, we not only provide the forms, but we also provide the service! Kind of like watching a Do-It-Yourself home improvement video with the crew in your home doing the work!

We are service oriented! The last thing you need is to get a bunch of paperwork and then try to figure out HOW to fill out the form, WHEN to file a form with the court, keep track of dates and what the heck you're suppose to do NEXT!!?? You provide us with the information, we do the rest! Now THAT'S service!

Our Packages have a 100% success rate!! Every one of our Packages achieve the desire results, 100% of the time ... that's right! We said 100% of the time!! That success rate combined with our step-by-step hands on service CAN'T BE BEAT!

This Divorce Package SHOULD be used if:

  • Husband and Wife DO NOT have any minor* children TOGETHER
  • Husband OR wife have minor* children and the child was born PREVIOUS to the date of marriage and one spouse is not the biological parent of that child.

This Divorce Package SHOULD NOT be used if:

  • Husband and Wife have minor* children together
  • If the minor* child is not the Husband's/Wife's, but was born DURING the marriage.

* A Child is considered a minor if they are 17 years of age or younger.

To get started click the link below to provide us with the information we'll need to begin.

Call us for your quote, we can lower the divorce cost to fit your budget using DHS guide lines

Our fee for this package is $495.00.

if you qualify for low income benefits such as food stamps or state cash assistance we can keep your divorce cost at $350.00 ( filing fee is waved - total savings of $245.00)

if you are receiving Social Security Disability, your cost is reduced to as low as $75.00. (Filing fee is waved - total savings of $515.00 off our list price)

Retirement fund or 401 K to be divided in the property settlement as you request.

The court requires a filing fee of $175 for a divorce without children. If you are receiving Social Security Disability OR qualify as low income OR receiving FIA benefits we may be able to get your filing fee waived by the Court!

Whether or not you qualify for for the waived court fee, we will handle all the filing for you.
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  • If paying by Money Order, fill out form and then when you receive your account statement - mail Money Order.

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