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Quit Claim Deed Kit
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A Quit Claim Deed is used to transfer or "quit" any interest in real property from one person to another or to add a person(s) interest in a property.

A Quit Claim Deed can be used to transfer the interest (ownership) of a property from one person to another person or persons. A Quit Claim Deed can also be used to ADD a person's (interest) name to a property. For instance, adding a new spouse, child or grandchild.

  • Joint Tenancy Rights with Rights of Survivorship: A joint tenancy with rights of survivorship means that two or more owners hold title to an asset together. When one of the owners dies, that person's ownership interest automatically passes to the remaining owner or owners. Married couples typically hold assets such as real estate, automobile, and bank accounts in this way.
  • Joint Tenants in Commons: A type of joint tenancy of property without right of survivorship; each tenant's portion of ownership is distributable under will.
  • Rights of Survivorship: Ownership of property by two or more people in which the survivors automatically gain ownership of a decedent's interest. (In the case of more than one survivor, the decendent's share is divided among the survivors. In addition, each owner can sell or gift his/her share as he/she wants, without the other owners' permission.)

When you purchase our Quit Claim Deed Kit, you will also be provided specific filing instructions on HOW to file it, WHERE to file it and HOW much your filing fee will be. All you have to do is sign the document, get the money order for the filing fee and mail it. Please include your phone in the contact information

Our fee is $165.00.


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